My Water texture performance

Hi, I’m a VFX beginner, this is my simple personal work, I am looking forward to your advice, thanks!ZhanXiao001


I found my gif did not play smoothly, but it plays well on my computer, how can I solve it?

Wow, it’s cool :+1:
I think you need to make the effect less noisy. And very interesting to see how did you make it. Water that stick down is just one vertical billboard particle?

Thanks for your reply! I will try to make less noise. This water’s form is made by 3dsmax, I used a sphere emission standerd flow, the particles are emissioned and binding by the sphere, and 10% of the particles were stick down by the Age Test Event and force. Then I used the PWrapper plugin to create water, and I alse use noise, displace, rapper modifiers to make the surface dynamic . my water texture was made by FallOff texture, this texture controled my opacity and self-lumenous, the raytrace texture was used for refraction and the noise texture was used for bump. And I adjusted the color and glow by AE.

maybe U Know HYT? CGwell VFX Teacher for 2nd

I saw his effects


Yes, I saw his amazing art work, HYT is the king of 3dsmax’VFX system in China! But I didn’t buy his class and don’t confirm how he did it :slight_smile: my friend said that he didn’t use the PWrapper plugin and the water stirck down was made by PF particle system, that is cool!

It’s a cool effect. Have you thought about how you might do it in realtime?

awesome… i will try this…

Well, I haven’t learned any game engine yet, so do it real time is not easy for me. when I learn an engine, I will try it! :grinning: