My User Interface FX work

Hi, I am a VFX beginner, this is my recent UI VFX work,I made it by Photoshop&After Effects, I’m looking forward to receiving your advice!UI3OK


Well, the gif seems doesn’t loop, I exported another oneUI3OKLoop


Really nice smoke Textures, love your colours aswell.

Not sure if it’s the gif, but some petals on the left side seem to pop out instead of fading unlike the petals that falldown in the centre of the logo.

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I don’t know, maybe it’s because of the gif, but in the center the petals disappear smoothly, but not on the sides. If second, I think it’s best to use this technique for side sakura petals:
Perhaps this is not because of the gif, because the disappearance occurs in the middle.

Anyway, your UI effect is awesome. The color mix is great. Love :heart_eyes:

Really cool! Is this all created without using any third party plugins?

Well, thanks! I also feel the petals on the left it is not nature, I will try to solve it :slight_smile:

Thanks for your replay! I made the petals by Trapcode Particular in AE and I am not familar to Unity. I launched the petals by a box with no speed,and then I enlarge the gravity , the wind and the turbulence field. After my adjustment, the result seems not well, I will keep looking for the problem. I would appreaciate it if you have any suggestions!

Thanks! Yes, I made the effects mainly by RED GIANT and Boris Sapphire plugins

This is very beautiful! Are you aware of any tutorials or other examples that show how to make the looping vapors around the edges?

Thank you for sharing!

Thanks! The Vapors was made by Trapcode Form in AE, the plugin is not hard to use, the annulus shape is made by the Spherical Field. so you can try to make it by yourself or find some tutorials in Youtube. the vaper’s color is made by Ramp Gradient, you can also try it :slight_smile:

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Thanks for this info! I appreciate you sharing!

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