My shader has some noise / waves - Unity


I’m learning Unity on my own and following the amazing course of Gabriel Aguiar on Udemy.
I’m creating a projectile and did my shaders. In the shader graph, after puting the nodes to animate my trail, it has some noise and wave after puting on X “-0.1” to animate the trail.

I don’t want to copy the exactly thing, I want just to understand why it’s not “straight” like it should be. See the image of the tutorial:


Any help would be appreciated. If you can explain what I should correct, it would help me greatly with my understanding of Unity.

Thanks !!

The example in the tutorial does not look straight to me at all tbh., plenty of uv hooks.
The example is a lot less noticeable however. Most likely due to a lower edge count across the movement.

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Thank you for your answer. Do you have any idea how i can lower the edge count or get straighter lines ? Thank you !

Try increasing the minimum vertex distance just ever so slightly.

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Amazing, thanks a lot. But I have a second problem now, my trail is not fluid anymore, it makes angles like that:

Usually we would solve this by adding more edges along motion, but I’m not sure if that option even exists in unity.

I don’t know a lot of unity. So I hope someone can help me :slight_smile:

Hi! Just remove width change from trail geometry (curve must be straight). Make width change in shader or texture.

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Thanks a lot for your help !!!