My Latest Game VFX Reel

Just stumbled upon this site - great to see so many talented and helpful VFX artists, all in one place! :slight_smile:

Thought I’d share my latest VFX reel (hope this is the correct place to post it), demoing a selection of things I’ve been working on in the past couple of years. All VFX were created in Unity.


Welcome, glad you found us! There’s a topic called Finished Work & Reference that’s the intended place for this kind of thing. You can swap it if you edit your post. :+1:

Thanks for the heads up - post moved :grinning:

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woaaah there’s soooo many pieces in this reel!! When you say “a selection” you definitely weren’t kidding, this is like the Applebee’s of reels!

If that’s how you like it then all the more power to you, but honestly I feel like you could trim it down to be less than a minute long and just focus on your strongest stuff