My Game FX Journal

Hi! I’m YC and I will be posting my fx work here to record my progress. Feel free to critique my works!
This is what I have so far:

Both are done in Unity


Hey YC! Are you looking for feedback, or documentation purposes? Either way great to see, and I’m looking forwards to seeing more :slight_smile:

@ShannonBerke Both! :smiley:

Did a sword dash skill :D.

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Learning to use custom data in unity particle system.

Testing depthblend in shaderforge on Unity.

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Trying out 2D handdrawn FX using Flash.


Some flamethrower, machine gun, shotgun and laser beammm.

Tried to improve my old works and added some new one too. :slight_smile:

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A tornado

Experimenting vertex offset on a sphere :smiley:


really cool!

I think for the tornado it is coming off a little too wobbly and off axis. are you using the vertex offset on the tornado too? might be cool if it kinda pulsed through like that (was looking at some tornado ref and noticed a few did that). i think separating the mesh at the bottom cold help too so the tornado comes more down to a point. or just creating some faster motion down there.

@Ryan, I made the model for the tornado asymmetrical so that when it rotates there will be a change in silhouette. I didn’t thought it will go wobbly. I’m not using vertex offset, just panning noise texture and rotating it over lifetime. I will try to add the pulsing and see how it will look. The mesh at the bottom is seperated, I tried to blend it as close as I could. I will increase the overall motion and see how it will turn out. Thanks for your feedback. :smiley: