My first VFX


First, I appreciate all of users in this site. So many things I learn from RTVFX.

I did some tutorials, I tried to make original vfx on myself first time.I imaged Holy Buff effect.

I’m looking for feedback.I would happy if you gave me advice!

Thank you.


Hey, it’s really cool!

Specially the waves on the ground gathering in - how did you make the waves?

Can I take a loot at the texture? :see_no_evil:

Hi Sig. Thank you for coment!

The waves are made by masking following two texures.
TextureA(Tiling 1×0.5) is masked by TextureB(Tiling 1×1).



I’m happy if it would help you :grin:

Good for the first, you have perspectives :wink:

Wow,Hovl! Thnak you!!

I always learn your brilliant tutorials.
I have been encouraged your praise because I respect you and your works.

Thnak you so much!