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Hello, I am an aspiring VFX artist trying to get into the industry. Thought I should start a sketchbook to get myself to work on more things and practice more. I’m pretty bad at just making small, individual pieces instead of having to complete a whole concept and container for each effect. Hopefully this will help a bit.

Hopefully this will also help with getting a job. :slight_smile:

Any and all feedback is welcome and appreciated.

Latest :


Lets see if this works, haven’t posted much at all here so still figuring it out.

I wanted to try and recreate the folding wall effect from Control’s Ashtray Maze.

I created the initial animation in Houdini and used the labs VAT tool to bring it into unreal using vertex animation.


Wanted to try and create a waterfall like in the game RIME. Liked how it came out so I created some stylized water and a little scene made with the Houdini Gamejam starter HDAs. It was really fun making stuff with those tools!

There are a bunch of good references and inspiration on Simon’s article [here].(Stylized VFX in RIME | Simon schreibt.)


Heres a projectile effect I made this week. I wanted it to be a quick and snappy effect and I think I hit a nice balance.


Black hole effect using a Houdini sim mixed with vertex animation in the shader to suck everything to the center. Gif compression hit this one pretty hard.

Here is a bit better video of it on my twitter.


Here’s a explosion that I learned to make from a Rebelway course I’m taking. Super exciting to be learning how to create nice explosions like this.


This is AWESOME!!!
I hope you get a job soon, you are very talented!!

Wow, this is really awesome, man! Congratulations! :smiley:
It seems you have experience from Films Industry, is that right?

Hopefully soon :smile: Thank you, glad you liked it.

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Thank you! @LouisBlackmouth I don’t really have that much experience in film, I’ve only just graduated from university.

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Well that’s even more impressive :open_mouth: haha

Here’s my latest assignment I was working on. A big volcano explosion! I was able to learn lots about pyro sims for games with this and feel confident that I should be able to make many more cool explosions now. Pretty happy with how this turned out.


I’m finally back! Unreal 4.26 just released and with it was the cool new landscape and water systems. So I got an idea of trying to turn the water into lava. It worked out decently well for being hastily thrown together.

If you want; here is a video of me using it in editor. In a bit I might post of gif of it here as well.

Trying to get motivated to practice more vfx, so I decided to try and recreate Vergil’s Judgement Cut from Devil May Cry 5.