MrHamuel's Sketchbook

Hello, I am an aspiring VFX artist trying to get into the industry. Thought I should start a sketchbook to get myself to work on more things and practice more. I’m pretty bad at just making small, individual pieces instead of having to complete a whole concept and container for each effect. Hopefully this will help a bit.

Hopefully this will also help with getting a job. :slight_smile:

Any and all feedback is welcome and appreciated.

Latest :
My god did the thumbnail get absolutely destroyed in compression, let me see if I can fix it.


Lets see if this works, haven’t posted much at all here so still figuring it out.

I wanted to try and recreate the folding wall effect from Control’s Ashtray Maze.

I created the initial animation in Houdini and used the labs VAT tool to bring it into unreal using vertex animation.


Wanted to try and create a waterfall like in the game RIME. Liked how it came out so I created some stylized water and a little scene made with the Houdini Gamejam starter HDAs. It was really fun making stuff with those tools!

There are a bunch of good references and inspiration on Simon’s article [here].(


Heres a projectile effect I made this week. I wanted it to be a quick and snappy effect and I think I hit a nice balance.


Black hole effect using a Houdini sim mixed with vertex animation in the shader to suck everything to the center. Gif compression hit this one pretty hard.

Here is a bit better video of it on my twitter.


Here’s a explosion that I learned to make from a Rebelway course I’m taking. Super exciting to be learning how to create nice explosions like this.


This is AWESOME!!!
I hope you get a job soon, you are very talented!!

Wow, this is really awesome, man! Congratulations! :smiley:
It seems you have experience from Films Industry, is that right?

Hopefully soon :smile: Thank you, glad you liked it.

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Thank you! @LouisBlackmouth I don’t really have that much experience in film, I’ve only just graduated from university.

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Well that’s even more impressive :open_mouth: haha

Here’s my latest assignment I was working on. A big volcano explosion! I was able to learn lots about pyro sims for games with this and feel confident that I should be able to make many more cool explosions now. Pretty happy with how this turned out.