Mim: Sketch #45 (Cubes only)

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Hello, I’m back from vacation and all refreshed! :triumph: :tropical_drink:

Not many ideas for now but I think I’ll explore a crystal exploding in pieces, focusing on making a nice shader. Moodboard is basically Shiva’s aesthetic from Final Fantasy X and @bobacupcake’s work. I’d like to break the cube shape within the 8-vertice limit… we’ll see!

basically this mhh (this was purely a placeholder for the thumbnail)


Small update, I’m going into this a bit blind so I really don’t know what I want to do. I’ve experimented with some shaders & still don’t know how I can get the result I want…
I’d like to mix the multiple view shiva thing with the feel of resin flowers… maybe?

The plan for the VFX right now is to have the character/item in focus look trapped & then have the thing explode into smaller cubes… :thinking:

Here’s what I’ve tested so far:

It’s kinda late for me so I think I need to leave it and come back to it, I’ve got ideas but don’t know how to go there yet!


Ooooh, looks cool!

It’ll be interesting to see where you go with this.

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Well it pains me to say that I went nowhere with this lol. I tweaked around some stuff mid-August but I couldn’t get what I had in mind to look good! Didn’t really have a plan to begin with sooo… Leaving the last iteration here for posterity :smile:

Love the multi-faces effect though, I can’t wait to use this shader in another project!! :relaxed:

  • That’s cool. How does that work?

It’s actually pretty simple, the shader uses a grayscale texture that acts as a “weighted mask”.


So I’ve got screenspace UVs that are added to a “relative offset”, which offsets the texture according to the grayscale input.


It is then multiplied to a “relative tiling” which are a min & max tiling values lerped using the grayscale as an alpha input.


With these two things you can get some pretty nice results! Looks better when the camera isn’t moving but the object is. :slight_smile: Shader below.


At first though, I was playing with another version that uses a parallax offset & regular UVs instead of screenspace UVs. Below is how it looks with only the parallax offset multiplied to the grayscale input.


Can’t wait to use this effect in another project, still don’t know how or when but I think it can be a base for some pretty fun VFX. :relaxed:


You could use min & max values for parallax & uv offset for better control as well! So many possibilities…


Thank you so much for sharing! I took a stupid way to do it, which is a great idea!

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