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It’s been at least 5 years since I’ve shared my work anywhere (except for the The Great Transmutator). The time has come. I’ll be doing a little bit of an art dump of stuff I’ve worked on for the past eternity while working at Cloud Imperium Games.

Keep in mind that VFX department at CIG is incredibly talented and quite large so a lot of textures and assets were created by our team members and I just shamelessly reused them :slight_smile: While effects shown here were made by me a lot of credit goes to others in the team (or other departments!). You probably know the shoulder-giant quote. Without further ado - enjoy!


Looking great! :hushed:

Welcome back @michalpiatek :star2:

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Ok, here’s some more! Best bits are towards the end.
I’m particularly proud of those sparks falling down the ceiling and overall composition of the turbine damage.


This thruster effect was made using old CPU particle system which got later replaced with GPU equivalent. While I wasn’t responsible for CPU to GPU conversion of the effect I made the original. Obviously, heavily inspired by race cars spewing petrol out of the exhaust.

But wait, there’s more! Here’s a showreel I’ve put together with highlights of my work I’ve done at CIG throughout the years.


Some cool stuff in there! :slight_smile:

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