MhsArtz : Sketch #28

Hello guys, I’m Mathias DONZ.

I started to learn vfx a month ago. I still have so much to learn, please feel free to tell me in which way I
can improve myself. It took me a long time to decide if I should take part to this event or not, and I finally did it, because the most important thing for me is to show you my work and to get better with my works.

For this Sketch I had 1 week to complete it, so I know I will not score at this event because I didn’t follow all of the rules. In any case, I wanted to share what I did with you.

Here is the final work :

To create this Fx I just added quads and meshes like this :



Welcome @MhsArtz!

That’s a nice sketch there. Remember we do sketches for fun and also to learn and improve, so don’t feel any kind of pressure or shyness or whatever. Just participate, show us what you’ve got, and we’ll be super happy to give you feedback!

Personally, I’d like to see those smaller particles travelling in and out of the portal living on their own and lingering at the end of the effect, instead of scaling down with the rest of the elements.

As for the scale animation, I’d suggest you to play around with different keyframe interpolation curves.

Check this awesome website out!

Create some of those and save them as a curve preset. It’ll allow you to rapidly iterate on the new effects you’ll be creating.

Good job! :sparkles:

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I really like the loop sequences of your portal, it looks nice!

I’m still a student, but if you want some feedback, to me, the start and end sequences of your effect are maybe too simple. A quick flash or a low opacity Shockwave effect can be a nice touch to your effect.

Anyway, goodjob !

Thank you for your feedback. those curves are very usefull !

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Thank you, yeah the animation are basic, I try to understand how to make a good animation on unity.

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