Matias Mahler: Sketch #26 Vertex Offset

Well, this month will be the bussiest month I’ve ever had, dont know if I would be able to finish it but I’ll give my best. :slight_smile:

I always wanted to do a Deep Sea Jellyfish, with some like magic tint to it.



I´ve done a jellyfish in the past but really basic:

My goal this time is to make all the jellyfish textures on substance designer and learn how to do something organic in the process, as well as to achive an organic-like swim.
This will be something new and a real challenging to me.

When all that is done, and it looks astral enough, I´ll use it to make an area of magic. So that if the player enter where the jellyfishes are, it will give him magic/mana.

This is my model so far:


I hope I´ll be able to make time for this. :sweat_smile: