Mathew Varkki: Sketch #17 WIP

Bad news: I got sick. Good news: I finally got some time to work on other things again!

The challenge is almost over, but I still tried to make as much as possible in the time. “The most important thing is taking part”.
Well, here is my result since yesterday:


Lava Sktech WIP

Like others, I wanted to make a river of flowing lava. Pretty happy with what I accomplished. But I probably will revisit it again and make some bubbles and use a flow map. Many things to improve here.

Hopefully I will have more time for the next Sketch!


Another View:

From this angle the vertex distortion is more noticable.


really nice idea to make the lava “stack” on obstacles! very cool!

“Most important thing is taking part” and you did a nice job! :slight_smile: