Matching (Mismatching?) VFX Styles in Games

Ubisoft just posted a featured job listing on our board. Looks like an exciting project:

From looking at the project for this position, I discovered Settlers has a distinct and appealing style that really resonates with me:

I noticed some of the VFX in the trailer hit a range of styles, but still work within their context quite nicely. This is a trend I see across many games/films/TV shows. I was curious how you guys feel about the flexibility to mismatch VFX styles, or perhaps the goal of always trying to match them. What have your experiences been in this area, and how do you prefer the end product to turn out?

Really interesting. It’s like they tried to reproduce a stop motion style, allowing them to use both real stopmo “cheats” and more cartoonish VFX as if they were made in post prod, according to the DA.
I never really though about it before, even if I believe VFX can have a different DA than the project and still match