Masu - VFX journey

Hello !
I started VFX some months ago, after working for few years as a 3D generalist. It was time for a change, and I decided to dedicate some time for learning RTVFX !


Here’s what I’ve done so far :

*An healing AoE effect to get used

to Niagara, timings and all. Working with the runes had been fun.*
HealingAoE Gif

Then of course I did the classic fire, with an handpainted flipbook. Each spawn choose between sprites at random.

I had this idea of stars droping and leaving galaxy on the ground. Not sure what could be the use for it, but it was a fun exercise.


It was time for a SLASH!

And then some projectiles.



Now, I’m working on a teleport / dissolve FX

First test of a dissolve effect, using screenspace texture.


Crow animated plane using vertex position animation. I’m using a scrolling texture to move the wings.


Merging together the two effects


And here is where I am at now. What do you think?

In your opinion, what should I work on next to improve my skills?

Link to my artstation for longer videos of the effects :


So, I spent time researching animation packs. I was wondering if it was worth it to buy a character model, but I think the default mannequin is better if I want focus on the FX.

Anyway I made a little projectile block out. I wanted to try several things : setting up a proper projectile scene, and tracking a character model.


It uses camera track splines for the projectile trajectories, and a camera shake effect.
Do you think it’s a good idea to put a camera shake? I think it reinforce the impact frame, but on the other hand, you most likely don’t have those during gameplay…

My next goal will be either :

  • do a complete FX set for a character
  • do one effect for all type of magic in Elden Ring
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Hello! Hope you’re all doing good.

So I was messing with materials and meshes, trying a trick I remembered seeing I don’t know where :
by having all the faces of a sphere mesh into separate UVs, World Position Offset makes them move independantly.

So… I made this quick shield shader using refraction and fresnel :smiley:

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Hi there!

I used the refraction on my previous post to make some wind effect.

I don’t know where I’ll go from there, but it was fun!