Mario Wonder Dissolve in Niagara

During the Christmas break, my GF and I picked up Mario Wonder and I saw this lovely dissolve effect, along with some other great stylized effects. I was curious to see how close I could come using Niagara in just a few days and this is what I got.

Here a Gif of what the effect I was trying to recreate looks like.
Mario Wonder Dissolve Gif Small

This is my UE5 version, using niagara and a BP for the screen space UV material mesh dissolve.

I know I’m missing a lot of smaller supporting elements, but I feel like I was able to get the heart of the effect there.

Heres a combo video with some time scale to look at the Mario Wonder Dissolve elements better.

I still am having issues with the “ribbon:twistbinding” causing some of the ribbons to mishape. Any advice on that would be great.

Cheers and thanks for looking,


thats awesome would love to hear more about the process :slight_smile:

That looks awesome, I would love to know more about your process broh :O!!

I would also love to know more about your process! This is super cool!