Marcin Kaźmierczak: Sketch #4 Stormy Skies

I just happened to doing it not long time ago. It is sphere around player that’s shader checks distances of sky and use its colours to simulate storm. It wont win the contest but badge is a badge :wink:


Oooo looking cool Marcin :D. I like the variation of small and large flashes you’ve got, I bet walking around in game you really get that incoming storm feeling! Do you plan on adding anything onto this during the sketches timeframe? :grin:

I thinking about adding sth to it. 32 instruction on each sphere so why not. Still cheap.

Looking very cool. Even if you don’t add much, Its worthy to get a good shot at the competition :slight_smile:

Ech I got to do another stormy skies in intro for game I am working on… but I cant show It yet:/ Not enough free time and mental energy to improve it…