Manus - VFX Sketchbook


Hey! I’m Manus.

I’ve seen plenty of people making their own sketchbooks and it sounds to me like an awesome idea to get some motivation :smiley: (Even though I’m nowhere near the level of others here I suppose it will be lots of fun to share my works!)

Previously I’ve worked as a Junior Technical Artist at Spokko (Part of CD PROJEKT) though my lovely company folded, so right now I’m jobless looking for a VFX Artist position xD
Before that I was working in some smaller studios for example creating VFX for VR games.

Here is some of my work if you are interested in what kind of stuff I will be posting or just want to stalk me:

I love experimenting, so you probably you will see a huge contrast between normally looking works and some weird beings xD

My most recent Sketch #56 WIP:


Thanks @Niels for teaching me how to be a spider!


I’ve learnt how to show previews :smile: Let’s go!