Manus - VFX Sketchbook


Hey! I’m Manus.

I’ve seen plenty of people making their own sketchbooks and it sounds to me like an awesome idea to get some motivation :smiley: (Even though I’m nowhere near the level of others here I suppose it will be lots of fun to share my works!)

Previously I’ve worked as a Junior Technical Artist at Spokko (Part of CD PROJEKT) though my lovely company folded, so right now I’m jobless looking for a VFX Artist position xD
Before that I was working in some smaller studios for example creating VFX for VR games.

Here is some of my work if you are interested in what kind of stuff I will be posting or just want to stalk me:

I love experimenting, so you probably you will see a huge contrast between normally looking works and some weird beings xD

My most recent Sketch #56 WIP:


Thanks @Niels for teaching me how to be a spider!


I’ve learnt how to show previews :smile: Let’s go!

I was in a mood today to do a bit of drawing, so started with concepting my effect for Unreal Challenge.
Almost made the main part of the effect, though will have to finish it up tomorrow. Same with other parts of the effect.


Finished up the main part of the effect. In next days will draw a Fade in/out and top-down view. Then gonna do it in engine.

Drawing that sketch takes me a lot of time as it’s my first concept of VFX, so I suppose with some practice I will get better :smiley: Really happy with how it starts to shape itself (having lots of fun too).


Some further improvement on concept. I believe, I can now start making it within Unreal.


cool concept, I’ll subscribe to this. Can’t wait to see the result.

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I took a little break from my Spellar Performance as I felt huge motivation to make some stylized effects (maybe they will become my spellar performance xD)

Here is the current version of my Wind Orb. Next up gonna try to make a next phase of this effect:

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I’m preparing for next part of the spell! It will be epic, even though it doesn’t look like so yet :smiley:

I don’t have much to show, but I did significant progress on cleaning up the effect and project. Should be good to go with next part soon :smiley:

Long time since I’ve posted in my Sketchbook, so gonna add couple of effects I’ve worked on :smiley:

They were lots of fun!