Mana Shield - Blender

Wanted to try a Shader node bootstrap in Blender and here is what I ended with🛡️. I used Voronoid and mixed Noise texture with some remapping. Any suggestions on improving this would be really helpful ^^

P.S (update)

I think the main thing your shield is missing is a hard edge to it, this can easily be achieved using a fresnel effect with a 2nd shield layered on top of the 1st. Other than that, I like how it looks and the intersecting parts look really nice.

Thankyou for the suggestion, I tried fresnal but since its a 3D mesh, from the view angle, I get very sharp Edges because of the faces present behind. I could not achieve the soft gradient. If I try it in Unity, maybe because of Cull mode set to “Back” it is possible.

Well I tried to make a half hemisphere (also made it follow the rotation of my camera). Then I did a simple Fresnel node setup. Results seems to be really good. It changed the entire look of the Shield, more like actual shield XD.

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