Making a Ghost trail with Niagara system

Hello :wave:
I wanted check is it possible to apply different material on the skeletal mesh using Niagara system?
I know that I can call Initialize Mesh Reproduction Sprite but that is just for sprites. I’m trying to make a ghost trail with different colors like the example bellow.


You could spawn and manage them through bp instead of as a niagara system

Okay can you give me a solution with the bp?
My goal was to make it with Niagara system, expose parameters for the color and lifetime and call it in the bp. should do the trick

That’s a ridiculously complex solution to this problem, but yes, it is a solution

Thanks I will try it out.

This is done in BP exactly as @Niels suggested. That’s how it’s capturing and creating a static mesh pose for each given frame of the animation. How many different colors are you trying to incorporate?

The color is not a big deal, one could be enough. Just need to see how to make this with Blueprint.