Magic (Videos & Images)

I’ll kick this off with all the reference I’ve collected on magic. Currently, there are 115 pins on this board, with more to come.

I’m curious to see what sorts of magical reference everyone else has gathered. Please add anything you find to this thread, so we can all partake in the awesomeness :^D


A few pins from the board:


found this here:

can’t stop staring at it.


While most of my vfx pins are all clumped together on one board, I do have 2D art boards I keep for inspiration, and my fantasy one is mostly magic. They are pretty much fantasy style 2D art with magic in the image. Not sure if that’s what this what you’re looking for, but it has always given me some cool ideas for stuff.

Here’s my Magic pinterest board. Probably has a lot in common with Jason, though. But thought I’d share anyway. :slight_smile:

sakugabooru is nice refference site.
Find many 2d anime style magic effect :slight_smile:

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