Magic rain - looking for feedback

Hello. I’m doing my first FX for portfolio. The idea is rain with some magic.
Currently only rain part is done. Atmosherics and magic on a way.

  • Does it look good? I’d like to have more stylised feel to it, how can I do it?
  • Some thing wrong is going on with the lighting, b/c rings and splashes should be barely visible with alpha 0.5 and 0.2
  • I want to add collision event, to spawn particles, but will it even work?

    I ​have this size box location and 2000 spawnrate. Will CPU handle that? Is it possible to make event handling in GPU emitters?

Hello. So I made some progress on the thing. Here are videos:

I still don’t know what happens with the lighting XD
I wanted to add some cool stuff apon light flash, some sort of magical particles beeing released and attracted toward the strike… But in my head it looked better XD

If I want to insert this effect into a forest scene what things should I change/add?

Basic motion of the rain is fine. Here are some suggetsions:

  1. Try using motion blur (there’s a checkbox on the sprite renderer) instead of stretching the particles. Sometimes you do need to fake motion blur by stretching particles; but I wouldn’t start with that by default.
  2. The steam(?) coming from the ground – not working. If you’re trying to integrate the rain with the scene, what you probably want is depth haze (eg. exponential height fog).
  3. Same for the lightning(?) – that should be a fullscreen effect. Or even just boosting the lights for an instant. Or maybe messing with the exposure? Lighting doesn’t emit from a surface, and the way we perceive lighting in a camera context is just as a blinding flash.
  4. Looks like you might be using the wrong blend mode. In the frames with the lightning flash, the rain streaks are darker than the lighting. (Might be one of those optical illusions, though – not sure). You probably want either transparent particles, or really tiny masked particles.

As for the magic… maybe try thinking that one through a bit? What’s magical about the rain? Is it the rain itself, or how the rain affects the world? Effects usually work best when they’re unnoticeable – “magic” rain is rain which is slightly different than normal rain.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the answer!

  • The idea behind steam, is a fog you see at the distance. I should probably attach it as separate emitter to the moveble character, to beter reflect that idea.
  • Lighting is made via light emitter in a sky. Can you elaborate about your 3rd point a bit?
  • Yea, you are probably right about magic part. I wanted to do something via event handling, but it didn’t worked out.

I think it’ll read better if you use exponential height fog – this is the use case it’s designed for. Particles might work as well; but, I’d recommend at least trying the exponential height fog to see if it works. Just an idea…

Not sure what the “emitter” is in this case – is it a light? Looking at it more closely, the thing which catches my eye is that only the surface flashes – not the background. I’d expect to see the whole frame flash. But this is another situation where the exponential height fog would probably help – it scatters light in the atmosphere. So, if you flash a light in the sky, it all sorta looks the way you’d expect.

I removed magic and added height fog. Lighting strikes also looks more visible.

Splashes and rings are barely visible tho… Should I dark a scene a bit?

Oh yeah, that works much better. I think some of the particles close to camera are a little large – like, that might be the correct size for hail, but not water. The lightning strikes should probably be a little brighter and a little shorter in duration.

The overall light balance in the scene is great, though! Definitely feels like a rainy day in the forest. You could darken in if that’s the mood you’re going for based on the story; but it works as is.

Nice work!

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