Magic purple explotion, made in Unity - VFXgraph

I made this like one week ago, took me like 3-4 days-ish to finish, I’m aiming for a Path of Exile style (or other ARPG games like Diablo4) for my portfolio and I want some opinions on what could I do or improve on.

Also, I did this FXs in VFXgraph in Unity, I’m looking for someone that can teach me how to do FXs like this using Particle System and also want to learn VFXgraph so we can share some knowledge and help one each other. I’m having problems to understand how to alter custom data from shaders in Particle system the way its done in VFXgraph and I would like to maybe get some help with that p-p

Full Resolution youtube video



Personally i think this effect is really awesome can you breakdown the effect or tell me the process or ways how you achieved it

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Well, basically the anticipation is like 2 textures that increase their intensity over time, the thing in the anticipation that is tiling inside its a simple noice + voronio using polar coordinates and curves. Then when it explodes its an sphere that increases the size over time, a texture thats tiling using polar coordinates, the sparks at the edges are some particles spawning with a torus shapes, 2 cilinders for the tiling textures at the edges and the cracks is a texture that have like one super dark background and a noice texture with polar coordinates that are tiling that reveals like another texture of it self but brighter, making the visual illution that its emanating light, but it actually isnt, its just a pure flat animated texture.

Ofc, this screenshot doesnt explain much, but what I just said its a good TLDR of whats going on in this FXs, just a bunch of textures with some HDR bright colors tiling until it looks cool
(some of the shaders and textures didn’t end up in the final result)

THis is how the shader of the cracks looks like

thats basically the most complex one, everything else its just tiling textures.
I hand paint all my textures on krita and clipstudio paint, doesnt take too long since those programs have cool distortion filters you can smash at your drawings and everything ends up looking like if it was made on substance designer (I need a substance designer sub Y_Y)


Wow, this is amazing thank you so much for breaking it down for me!

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