Magic Explosion Spell breakdown


Magic explosion inspired by one of many great 1MAFX on YouTube (

The most important elements of the charge up are the magic streaks moving towards the center
Those are achieved by using a swirl mesh (A) that is being spawned many times around the center with random rotation and scale by a Particle System (B)

Each Swirl basic effect is just a noise texture scrolling downwards and an alpha mask that ensures soft edges in all directions (notice the soft fade at the very top of the swirl)
The color is driven by the Particle System Color Over Lifetime
Screenshot 2022-01-22 181907

But what makes this part of the effect really shine is using a texture to mask part of the streak and make it look as if the magic is moving towards the center
In the gif below you can see what I mean, but in the effect this is driven by Particle Custom Stream Data

The center consists on 2 shapes with the same distortion and shake effect
One of them is a simple fireball texture
And the other one consists on 2 textures that are being multiplied against each other while being rotated in opposite directions

The final explosion consists on 2 shapes that are being scaled differently. The first one uniformly grows while the flare gets squashed and stretched
Finally add some screenshake and floating sparks for some extra spice

And that is all, hope this was in someway useful. Please ask if you have any question.

And in case you are interested this was all made with the assets, shaders and tools included in this Unity Asset:


Nice! I really like the vibrate before popping. It add that extra something that makes it work for me.

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Thanks! It was happy accident discovery :smiley:
I started toggling all shader features at random and saw that some shake really helped enhance the energy being concentrated feeling