Lush: Sketch #34



Always wanted to study Splatoon’s visual effects! This is the perfect chance to do so.

Just for fun! I’ll be playing around with stuff until I’ve got something I like.


John Travolta.gif :eyes:

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Just a reminder that I’m still working on it hehehehehe

I’m gonna be also using this as a reference:

I really like the lookdev of this game!

Ninjala caught my eye a couple years ago. It’s funny to think I had a concept for a game like this on my mind even before Splatoon came out!

Always wanted to create a fighting game using bubblegum, yoyos, foam weapons and such.

Glad that someone got to make it and we’ll be able to enjoy it soon! :blush:


Lookdev. Having fun with colors. I’m pretty happy with the gooey paint look!

The colors for both teams are easily swapped using Material Parameter Collections.

I’m procedurally detecting the edges so I can make them thicker or change the colors and such.


Made some dummies to try the splash effects on!

Don’t mind the goofy balloon explosion effects, they’re just a placeholder hehehe


Made a brush! It’ll be used as a weapon. The color is procedurally taken from the MPC.

Also, I made an ammo system. You’ve got 10 charges before you need to reload.

The liquid fill shader was fun to make. It’s also getting its color based on the team you’re in.


oh wow! didn’t knew you were going THIS far with it! Impressive :star_struck:

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Thank you so much @Bruno! :sparkles:

I’m using this sketch as an excuse to do stuff I never get to do otherwise hehehehehe :new_moon_with_face:

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Paint morph shader! This shader is used in the respawn animation when the inklings transform from squids to humans.

Started working on some of the VFX!

As you can see, all the colors are procedurally taken into account so I don’t have to switch between parameters manually a gazillion times.



:computer_mouse: Download it by clicking here! :computer_mouse:

Super happy with the results!

This is the player’s BP just in case you’re curious:

I wanted to keep those splashes simple, no meshes allowed!

I’m using render targets to draw the splats and the R logo stamp on any surface.

This material used as a brush is switching between red and green splats. Those channels are later used as a mask to pick between each team’s colors.

In the first iterations, I used vertex colors to lerp between the team’s colors so I could RnD the paint material.

Other cool stuff that I’ve enjoyed making includes the intro transition. It was made using a Postprocess Material and a squid shape I made in Illustrator.

Also, the UI added a lot to the overall result!

Some stuff has been discarded, such as an “ultimate” skill that uses the brush I made a while ago.

All in all, this has been a blast to make!

Had so much fun.

Hope you like it! :sparkles:


Oof this is crazy, great work! Even squeezed some UI work, fun!

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Just wanted to share this one last video!

Made a Splatoon inspired song too hahahahaha I even sang some random lyrics and modulated my voice to turn myself into an inkling!

Gathered every update in the following ArtStation post:

By the way, the sound effects are the real Splatoon SFX, so all credit goes to their respective owners. Since this is a non-profit study, it should be fine hehehe

Fun times! :gem:


Lush!! You’re so powerful!!!

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This looks amazing! just one question, how did you get the liquid movement effect in the paint tank? i´ve seen the liquid fill shader but not how the paint moves.

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Amazing!! someday I’ll tell I worked with him. Well done!

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Hey, I love the work done here, I am super curious how you made the paint over the character effect, particularly the material/setup could you expand a little on how you made that thanks!

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if you want to make it better here are some splatoon character assets