Lush: Sketch #26 Vertex Offset

Recent WIP:

Main idea: Sci-fi blue lava with some spheres or crystals floating around.

One of the main references:

The orb and the time warp energy and such.

I want to use an Unreal + Houdini + Substance Designer combo for this project.



Been playing with vertex offset, specially with the Rotate About Axis node.

The idea is to give each element different parameters such as speed, scale, rotation rate and such by using masks.

Seems easy to create cool motion with slight changes in the material parameters!


Experimentation in Unity using Amplify went good. But I’ll be switching to Unreal since I decided to use Pivot Painter!

From now on, this will be my new playground:





nice touch :smile:

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Since I’ll be pretty busy this month, I’m gonna aim at creating something like this:

(reference at 01:36)

Mixed with the other references, something sci-fi-ish orbiting around and that should be about it.

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Houdini time! Fast iterations and non-destructive fun.

The nodes are pretty self explanatory.

Changing the “height” value in the “mountain” node from the surface where the platonic bodies are being copied to creates interesting populated / unpopulated zones.

I’m giving each platonic body its own random scale and rotation. Using “fit11()” I remap the 0 to 1 output from “rand()” to another range, and changing such range helps creating thiner / thicker zones, making it look a bit more organic.