Lush: Sketch #24

For this month’s sketch I’ll be mostly focusing on a single reference, that Nintendo vibe.

This is the main reference:


  • Play with different shapes and meshes!
  • Presentation.
  • Recreate texture based FX with meshes.
  • Make it available for download.

And that should do it! :sparkles:


Blocked out some basic 3D shapes already. The idea is to “flipbook” through some of them.


Been experimenting with mesh “flipbooks” and general shapes in Unity. Might try to recreate it both in Unity and Unreal.


I’ll be focusing on lookdev today, and then I’ll begin to experiment with the effects themselves. Said effects will exist according to the challenge rules.


Here it is!

  • Move by using WASD.
  • Use Space to jump.
  • Use Shift to run.
  • Use the Left Mouse Button to shoot a projectile.
  • Use the Right Mouse Button to zoom in and out.
  • Use E to slow time down.
  • Use Q to reposition the target.
  • Every element is reactive!

:computer_mouse: Download it by clicking here :computer_mouse:


Detail Lighting Pass

Lighting Only Pass

Reflections Pass

Unlit Pass

Wireframe Pass

Quad Overdraw Pass

Shader Complexity Pass

Buffer Overview Pass



Looking good.
How do you make a mesh “flipbook” though? sounds dope

Unsurprisingly enough, those are just sub-emitters spawning the next mesh at the same position with a similar lifetime, so it looks like a flipbook!

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Great job! I love the shapes and the environment setup. So funny to see it in slow motion :stuck_out_tongue:

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Glad you liked it!

Just uploaded the playable build so you can try it yourself. :new_moon_with_face:

:computer_mouse: Download it by clicking here :computer_mouse: