Luos's (ue4)VFX Tut's, Vids, & free content

Hey fellow vfx-ians, I decided to just make one thread for all the vfx related stuff I made over the years. Keeps the forum cleaner, and makes it easier to manage.

Most of the content I will post is related to UE4, often using 3dsmax and photoshop in the process.
I still feel like a small fish in this pond filled with all these amazing vfx artists, but I do think I have learned quite a lot over the years and enjoy sharing this with others.
I also occasionally give away free content, material functions, and other vfx related content.

You are free to comment, ask questions, question my work, or suggest small tips and tricks I should make videos about. I welcome it.

But lets get to the actual content now shall we? :slight_smile:

Youtube Channel.

tags: VFX tutorials, speed-create videos, streams, etc.

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Interesting playlists:

Quick Tips & Shader Tricks
Free giveaways (textures, material functions, ue4 effects)
Destruction VFX Overhaul videos
Secret of Mana Ice Magic recreation
56 Speed create videos
A variety of ue4 vfx tutorials
VFX videos I collected for inspiration


Tags: Free material functions, textures, Effect.

Direct URL's to useful (free) vfx content:

Swizzle Mat function
Free noise textures 1
Free noise textures 2
Kingdom Heart 3 Lightning spell recreation
UE4 Mask Cropping Tool mat function
(Comes with a photoshop tool made by epicgames, edited by me to work in later photoshop versions)
[Crop_E_Assist tool](Additional photoshop tool needed: Crop_E_Assist tool for Photoshop: Dropbox - CropEAssist.7z - Simplify your life)

I hope you’ll learn something from it, and I hope to learn from you!
Take care, and keep in making them purrty pew pew pews.

Some additional info:
Personal website: (poorly maintained), has quite some resources.
Twitch: Twitch

Patreon (I should update the description)

UE4 marketplace:


Another Tips and Shader tricks video, this one will show you how to generate some random shapes trough math without the need of a texture.


Just a heads-up!

My “Particle Toolkit” is now free for the entire month of February!
Def check it out :slight_smile: Luos's Particle Toolkit Vol. 1 in Visual Effects - UE Marketplace


Tis been a while since I posted here.
This last 6 weeks or so Ive been pumping all my time and energy into a new particle pack for the marketplace, and since its… well… particles, I wanted to share some gifs here:





The cannon (just a showcase prop, changes color depending on weapon, the bars show the level of charge)


Propably not the right place for your channel advertisement…