Luos's Free Noise Textures V2

hey hey fellow RealtimeVFXians!

I spend the last week or so drawing noise textures and decided to share them.
Not all of them might be awesomesauce, but I do think there are at least a few that I myself will get some mileage out of.

You can download them from here: Luos's Free Noise Textures V2
which also contains some other free (vfx related) content.



An Abstract Expressionist :stuck_out_tongue: . Good stuff, thanks for sharing.

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Thank you Luos, this is great! I hope you get better man :slight_smile:

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These are awesome, thanks for sharing! Are these all painted in photoshop?

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WOW! These look great! Thanks a lot! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’d really love to know what tools you used to create these though, is it just Photoshop or something else too?
Always wondering how people create these clean complex maps! :smile:

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@mizu @chipfunk
I did create these in photoshop, picking some random brushes, doing a few strokes, applying a load of filters and blur effects, inverting colors and excluding stuff.


That’s great, thanks for sharing, and I really want to know how you did it, so can you give a tutorial?