Luke Mason: Sketch #14 WIP

Howdy everyone!

Like many others, this will be my first of many contests, and also my first time making Sword Trails. I’m very much a beginner to Real-Time VFX so I wanted to do all the steps to get that much-needed practice. Had a blast making this, super eager to learn and post stuff as I get more familiar with VFX.

Any and all feedback would be super appreciated. Mostly want to add more flavor to the trail today, as right now it’s a bit more bare-bones, just wanted to get something out there before the contest itself wraps up.

Latest Gif:



Initial Concept:


Hey! I really like the concept and the looping version - I think the trail itself could use some improvements.

The biggest problem to me is temperature, the whole trail is the more or less the same colour. I’d make it brighter closer to the sword, add some highlights and give it more contract. Maybe even leave the trail for a few frames hanging in space while it’s eroding. Use that time to cool down the trail, give it some subtle motion and dissipate it.

You can also consider adding maybe some subtle orange (or purple?). The colours and texture of the looping elements are quite nice, maybe introduce them to the trail as well.

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You got the look already down to a tee. Really loving the shapes, and feel of it all. Really nice. I can echo Yanni’s comment about the colour, and I think it could with some more brightness during the swing. I feel that this will help with drawing attention to the attack itself, and making it feel a bit more dangerous and powerfull. I think incorperating lingering elements like you have in the 2nd gif would work really, really well with this one I feel. Really looking forward to see where this one is going next. Great going so far :grin: .

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Thank you for all the great feedback, I 100% agree with all the suggestions. I’m going to try integrating all those ideas over the next few days.

For the time I had today, I emphasized the anticipation and impact of the swing, trying to pack more power and energy into the sword itself. Really pleased with how its all coming along.


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