LostMoonman Sketchbook

Hey everyone, have been learning VFX and snooping around here for a while now and finally decided to start my own Sketchbook to more easily keep track of my progress and to motivate me.

I’ll start off the work I did and liked the most in January, which is also my entry for this year SFAS


Study on semi-realistic impacts and AnimTrails, a study that I spent the most time on during February, I’m thinking of posting the study I like the most every month.

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Well, I really went and ended up not posting something for a couple of months, here is the piece I’ve been working on my free time for the last month or so, had a lot of stumbles trying to get things working correctly with Niagara, using more Substance Designer and learning EmberGen , learned a lot!

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Campfire FX, everywhere I looked it seemed like a recommendation for a VFX Artist portfolio so here it is :smile: :fire: Might improve or do it in a different style later on


Wanted to do something with Ice after playing with fire so came up with this :smile:, also got to try out some Niagara functions I hadn’t used before such as sample texture 2D.

The remake of an Old VFX Study :fire:

https://www.artstation.com/artwork/g26QvK Different angles

Did a lot of reworks this month, so instead of spamming the sketchbook decided to showcase the progress with the reel, here it is! :sparkles:

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