Lost Ark Style VFX

                             *Lost Ark Style VFX*

Some months ago I took a korean course from Lee Kisong, which focused a lot about the artstyle of the game “Lost Ark”. Its a pretty advanced and long course, thats taught in Korean only, but after quite some time I finally finished it.

It was a lot of fun to do all those effects and I learned a lot especially about color schemes and color animation in VFX. Most of the effects are quite close to the course material, but I liked it so much, that I simply wanted to recreate it as closely as possible. For a learning excercise I re-did all the textures from the course and changed a bunch of systems, here are a few of those:

Not gonna take credit in the base concept of the effect, since it was Lee Kisong beautiful creation :gift_heart:


This is so sick dude!!

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Beautiful work!
Really well executed :slight_smile:

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I have seen your process. Good work man! So mesmerizing. :blush:

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Thank you man, was a lot of fun :gift_heart: Cant wait for the next one done from scratch

Awesome! I like how it looks, thank you for sharing it.

Awesome Work !
I would like to purchase this course but I cannot create account :sweat_smile:
How did you do ?
Thanks for the answer :slight_smile: