[Looking for Feedback] Phoenix Impact VFX + Breakdown


HQ video :


Breakdown & Stills :


Hello !
I am nothing but a belgian student who only has a few vfx under his belt and as I’m currently building my portfolio to find an internship, I was hoping I could have a few words of advice and feedback on some of my work !
I know it doesn’t feel as good as it should and there are a few things even I can spot but I would really like a few pointers from more experienced people.

Have a great day and thanks in advance for any replies !
P.S: first time poster, tell me if there’s anything wrong with this post

Hi, some textures are too blurred, try to increase the quality (maybe size + add details). Fenix is the best part. Also it’s better to add some random(can make them fly apart) to feathers in the end image

Hi !
Thank you very much for taking the time to answer (and thanks for you tutorials I’ve been on some of them :wink:
Now that you mention the way the feathers just appear in a perfect line looks so clunky…
And your screen cap shows how the feathers are way too additive in the lower part and it’s all just gone to white.
I’ll make sure to keep an eye out thank you !

Feathers can be left in a straight line, but this needs to be explained somehow in the effect. Do something that precedes it. Possibly magical appearance of feathers with action as continuation of attack. But I do not recommend that you get hung up on this. Better work with textures in Photoshop. Especially on this texture image

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I see, you’re right the texture is blurry and the shapes are awful, the colour isn’t right at all either. I’ll do my best.
If I may, are there any resources you could point me to in regards to getting better at texture painting for vfx ? It’s something I struggle with and it shows. If not no problem you’re already going out of your way to answer here
Thanks again

Fox example, substance https://realtimevfx.com/uploads/default/original/2X/a/abe7e4f1fdd581d4831bd1ed60c72cac1b499906.jpeg

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Something like this would be much smoother yeah I really should default to designer more often. thank you for all your replies

I will send you some textures in pm.

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