Looking for Feedback on WIP Gun FX

Hey all! I have been learning VFX for about a month now and digging deep into Niagara; it’s been a lot of fun!

I have been applying what I’m learning to a VR game project that I am part of and I have here some WIP weapon fx that I have demonstrated on two of the game’s guns and I am looking for some feedback on where I can improve.

In particular, I am seeking feedback on the bullet casings and the muzzle flash as they are the most complete elements at the moment (The Muzzle flash was learned from a Gabriel Aguilar tutorial for Unity which I applied to Unreal).

Side note: For some reason the render shots from above are drawing the bullet casings as glowy orbs but, they do not look like that in-game, I think it’s something to do with compression. Please refer to side shots when giving feedback on casing effects.
Thanks in advance everyone!

When shells fire from a gun, they “tumble” and rotate in the air. All you shells stay in the same alignment. Also, depending oin the shell case size, the mass off the shell isn’t in the middle of the mesh, but can be somewhat scewed to the base of the shell. This causes the shell to look and rotate in a unique manner.

The scale of your mesh for the shells seem slarge that what would really be coming out of that gun, but it’s hard to tell from the rendering.

Thank you for this! I actually have some rotational velocity going on already for the casings. Is it okay if I link another viewport video of the casings themselves if that would help? Thanks!

After some Feedback I have been reworking both the bullet casing shader that handles the heat effect and the feel of the casings themselves. Mesh rotation force and initial mesh orientation helped a ton here in breaking up the repetitive pattern I had going on initially:

I really love how it’s looking atm and will be working on creating a better muzzle flash next!

Feedback welcome!

I can is rotating better in this recording.

I was going to ask, whats with the orange glow of the shells in the beginning and why i sthe spawning position of the shells so far out from the gun?

Not sure what you mean sorry, you finding the rotation better in this one?

The orange glow is I essentially wanted to exaggerate the bullet being hot (I know this only happens for a fraction of a second in real life and doesn’t cover the entire shell). I’m not sure if I like how its coming across though which is why I’d be happy to hear any suggestions :grin:

The reason for the bullets spawning far out is just that the system is attached to a location arrow on thr weapons which the tech people handled, I just need to move it backwards is all!