Looking for Feedback on Portfolio

Hi, my name is Adam Gothard and I am trying to find a job as a real-time VFX artist in the industry. I was wondering if I could get some feedback on my portfolio: https://agothard.artstation.com/

Is there anything that I should try to add to my portfolio, or ways that I could improve my VFX?

Thanks for the help.

Hello, Apogee. I would highly recommend you to go through this YouTube playlist. There are tons of tips and tricks that will pump up your portfolio.

Hope it helps :sparkles:

Hey Adam!

Here’s a professional tip: make an actual video reel which shows everything you want people to look at in less than a minute. People have incredibly short attention spans, and us pros are super busy – no one is going to look through your artstation page until after you have them hooked.

That being said, I have a light workload at the moment, so I looked through it a little…

Personally, I don’t understand showing the material shader graphs. It’s distracting. In a professional context, people are primarily evaluating you on your visual skills. You want to show off the work, not how you did it (we know how you did it).

If it’s a question of proving that it’s your work, usually an interview involves some sort of technical task or in-depth conversation to determine if you’re for real. The proving your skills part comes later – to get your foot in the door, you need something visually impressive. (another tip: if an interview doesn’t involve a tough conversation, steer clear: either they don’t know what they’re doing, or something fishy is going on)

Content-wise, your work looks pretty good. I’d focus on presentation at this point.

Good luck!

Thanks for sending me the playlist. I hadn’t seen it before and it looks like it will be helpful.

Thanks for the tips about the VFX reel and especially the shader graphs, as I was on the fence on whether I should include those.

It’s good to have graphs/breakdowns/etc. available if they ask; but you really want to dazzle people with your art, not the details.