Looking for criticism and advices

Had a lot of fun making this one. Used character model from Paragon.
Criticism is very welcome.


Adjusted timings a bit and added burning ash particles on last attack. Made effect breakdown. https://www.artstation.com/artwork/Zebalx

First attack has fire+smoke ribbon and a few dim round sparks. It also has ash particles that move a bit inwards, i wanted to make some movement that would make this attack feel weaker compared to the next ones. Ash particles go from looking like a bright spark to gray/dark colors.

Second attack has fire+smoke ribbon, its particles fly further and faster, they have more distinct pointy shape. For a brief moment, axes have a glowy shell on their blade, so the attack feels heavier and “hotter” in the middle.

Third attack has fire+smoke ribbon throughout the attack. During the first part of the attack, axe has a glowy shell, i wanted it to look like the character is about to release energy. With the second part of the attack character releases energy in a form of ranged plasma slash, Plasma slash consists of a glowy mesh surrounded another mesh with distortion material to amplify the “hot attack” fantasy. Plasma slash drags spark and ash particles behind it. Ash particles burn as they dissolve. Sparks emitted from slash are very small because i didn’t want to steal attention from burning ash particles.

Fire+smoke trails dissolve/shrink/fade at different rates. They both have overlapped moving distortion to make them non-repetitive, It is especially useful for smoke because it lasts for a long time.
Burning ash particles were challenging to make. Material has different distortions for ash and for fire burning it to make both of them look more believable.

Hey I’m newbie at this but here is my take:

I feel like adding a little bit more contrast on the slash/trail body itself would be very much welcome. It would make it more noticeable.
Maybe I’m feeling this due to the light background, I don’t know hehe.

I would let the tiny white and black sparks live a little bit longer, or maybe make it a little bigger and set it to mimic the direction/motion of the slash/trail body, like it was being left behind by along the slash/trail.
If you closely, the black sparks spawning after the first attack are going on the opposite direction - is it intended?

I would also work on the projectile itself, find a better shape that better fits the slash motion and the direction it’s going. (Ichigo’s Blue Getsuga Tenshou comes to mind)

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