Locusts Swarm Spell - Looking for Feedback

Hello wonderful people. It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here, classes are getting busy! I was wondering if I could get some feedback for a spell effect I am making. This spell is supposed to be disease/plague/locusts themed, and will shoot a projectile that will summon a swarm of locusts on hitting a target. Thank you in advance for the feedback.

Another update. Shortened a bit of the hit, added speed to the particle, added locusts to the trail, and probably fiddled with some other things in there.


Watching your VFX I got some vibes from the “poison” stuff blizzard made in BFA . (Like ~30s in the video there’s some examples)
Luis Aguas Battle for Azeroth FX Demo Reel on Vimeo
Judging from your post you’re also trying to bring that disease theme and locusts in the forefront, so what I’d do do push those themes is:

  • Add some poison vapor (smoke) to the impact and to the trail to bring the poison theme forward
  • Your projectile tip and trail is too similar, maybe work with values to bring more contrast to the tip?
  • To bring the locusts forward I’d really try to make it a mesh based effect that is more similiar to a locust shape. That would enable it to add some wing movement with WPO (World position offset), or maybe just spawn fewer particles with a stronger identity

Edit: forgot to add that I really like where you’re going with the spell :smile:

Regarding the WPO, partikel has a wonderful video about it Vertex Color Based Animation Basics | SideFX.

Hey Azeros! Thank you for the feedback, that’s some really good stuff. In the past few days I decided to do a rework similar to some of the feedbacks you mentioned actually, but there could certainly be more. Here’s the newest version:

Great reference by the way with that demo reel! I’ll have to check out mesh based effects for the locusts too, it sounds interesting!

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