Liquid (Videos & Images)



I’ll kick this off with all the reference I’ve collected on liquids. Currently, there are 135 pins on this board, with more to come.

I’m curious to see what sorts of runny reference everyone else has gathered. Please add anything you find to this thread, so we can all partake in the awesomeness :^D


A few of my favorite gifs from this Pinterest board:


great lava bubbles in Houdini


I have been collecting reference videos from Youtube for a few years now.
Check out my playlists:
More coming soon.


One of my personal favorite water reference videos. :slight_smile:


Some super cool things happening in this video.


can’t… stop… watching…


I always had a particular interest for lava and those are the best lava bubbles I ever seen.



A few more gifs:


Bump…cuz perennial awesome!


My Water and Liquids board on Pinterest: :slight_smile:

Some of my favorites:


I worked with Jack Thornton a while back and he’s a bloody magician with liquids.

He’s got an old blog where he describes how he apporaches things. It hasn’t been updated in a while but it goes all the way back to some of the effects he handanimated on Mulan. Well worth a read.


Steady flow of Lava

— World and Science (@WorldAndScience) December 2, 2017


Epic water blast:


This is interesting




holy moly…this is really really really stunning 8O