Limeslushie: Sketch #34

Super late but I had recently watched Promare and felt inspired to create some vfx with similar look.

I will try to create a Molotov Cocktail, it should technically be a fire splash effect :thinking:
refs from

Started with making a shader in shader graph
Here is some prototyping
Materialquad01 Firetrail01

Tomorrow I will blockout the effect.
Thanks for watching! :smiley:


Thatโ€™s a really neat trail, would love to see the shader!

Todays update, most parts are there, iโ€™m missing some more splash elements and fire on the wall, those will be for tomorrow! :slight_smile:

As for the shader, itโ€™s a complete prototyping mess. ^^
Most of the effect is made using voronoi noise sampled multiple times with slightly adjusted UVs then blended together


Small update ^^

Was a bit late to this sketch, but it was a fun little project. :smiley: