Limbo Uni Project WIP

Hey Everyone. I wanted to get some feedback on my project for uni. This is my first fully 3D sequence. I wanted to create a short cinematic, experimenting with low poly models, stylized textures, camera shots, color correction and mainly learning the whole 3D production pipeline.

Any feedback is appreciated. If anyone has any ideas to add or change, they are also appreciated. Anything to help develop my skills and improve my project to higher standard.


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hey Neobanana,

Great work so far!

Here’s a few notes from me:

a, The camera movements are a bit sluggish, could tighten them up a bit.
b, The run cycle on the character is a bit weird, i cant explain why exactly but something to do with the leg movement. I guess she doesnt feel very connected with the ground…
c, The light which comes out the hole in the tree could use some bloom, this will add a nice hazy effect and break up some of the harsh lines it creates.

Hope that helps.


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Thank you for the feedback. The camera is sluggish because I stupidly rendered some scenes in 25fps and others in 29.97fps and it created this sticking motion of the camera.

I think I need to look over the running animation again. Yay :smile:

The light idea is a great idea, I think I will add this to the new render once I am done. Is there any tutorial I should have look at, to create this effect?


I’m not sure what we are supposed to be giving feedback on here? Like, just the fog? Aside from that I don’t see any other vfx in this. If you’re looking for general feedback, there are other sites like Polycount that are intended for things like this. This site is pretty much for real time vfx and not a general CG site

  • Candle flame could use some minor UV distortion to make it look less stale. The light from the candle should “flicker” a little (just scale the radius a bit up and down and the intensity).

  • I can’t tell if the fog is moving or not because of the camera movement, but it looks too static. Add either a very little velocity to the fog or a minor pan to the texture.

  • Add a very minor bit of blue to your global light, since I am assuming that you are going for moonlight. This will also have a nice contrast with the candles.

  • Lastly, adding some atmosphere with some small floating particles in the scene may look good as well. Just a large volume with small radial particles should do the trick.

  • Some mist spilling out of the outhouse cabin door thing you have at the end would look pretty cool.

  • Atmospheric fog would do this wonders and add some nice depth

  • Post process!