Lightning Explosion 2D VFX Animation

Made an explosion FX work on free time, trying to catch as much elements as possible in one artwork. Made frame-by-frame in Animate

ArtStation page:


amazing! if I may ask you one small question, are each elements you see separate sprite animations?
could this be played in particle system?

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Thanks for a pleasant feedback!
Whole stuff you’re seeing here is distributed to different separate layers, so each element can be loaded separately of the whole FX composition, meaning it can be exported in PNG sequence with the following convertation to sprite sheet for particle system usage in Unity. That’s how I use my FX in gamedev.


i can help answer these questions.

particle systems play sprites which allows the addition of randomization parameters: color, size, rotations, motion, dampen, spawn zones etc…(not to mention custom vertex stream data to drive shader tricks)

These hand-drawn VFX on Particles allows relatively small animations to generate overlapping-action or follow-through motion augmenting complexity that hides repetition.

Breaking elements into individual particle systems is recommend - each system has significant re-use that accelerates variation generation; you’d be surprised how clouds, flame like motions or zaps can be re-used with color alone that alters context and creates new looks for spells in particular.

that said typically drawn these black&white so you can tint particles vertex level, and since they can be packed into a single sheet (the particle sprite module can isolate portions) it can be a large 2048 that holds many on 1 material so they dynamically batch.