Lighting Ball VFX WIP

Hi everyone~:grinning:
This is my first VFX in RTFX.
This is a unfinish VFX about Lighting Ball.
And I have not figured out how to do the explosion in the end.
Here is the video, and hope you will like it!:kissing_heart:

I‘m so sorry that I don’t know how to put the youtube video in here,someone can help me?:joy:


cool practise, I just wonder how come that the shadow magic is creating a lightning ball ? :thinking:

very cool - i love the build up at the start. definitely needs some sort of explosion at the end, like you say.

yeah! I will try it!

I did not think too much before I made it.:sweat_smile: So I don’t know how to make the end look better…:joy:

Good job man, keep up the good work.
Few suggestions:
-First screenshot in animation last only few frames, maybe extend it cos it looks pretty.
-And on screenshot looks like its all on the flat quad. Maybe add a bit depth to the effect. if you are using quads you can change Depth Test from “LessEqual” to “Disabled” so it renders in front of everything.
-Also if you cant use real lights in scene try faking it with the quad under the effect that had radial gradient texture.
-And maybe avoid pure white color.
-Look at the 2min hack in PS how i think it can look.

Good job.

Nice suggestions! Thank you so much!
Also, I’m a Chinese MobileGameFX Artist. In my country, it is always not allow us to use some special shaders,scripts or PostProcessing, anything expensive are not allow.:disappointed_relieved: So I’m so sorry that I don’t know how to use real lights to make it better.:sweat_smile:
But luckly, I get the way you said that use the quad to fake the light. I will make it better and post on here soon!
Thank you for your attention!
Last but not least, sorry for my poor English, hope you can get what i said.:flushed:

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Here’s the latest update:

I had finished the explosion at the end, and fake the light with the quad under the effect.
However, I doesn’t satisfied with the smoke at the end. I want to make it look like cartoon, but I use this texture, it can’t do the work well.Cartoon_smoke
So I just used texture sheet animation, but it look like realistic.
If anyone have some suggestions, please tell me~Thanks!:kissing_heart:


Love that final smoke, how did u do it?
Great job ^^

Thanks! :grinning:
I use texture sheet animation.
I hope it can help you~


Created with Particular :o:Nice one but it’s big if u use it in a lot of effects.
Thanks for sharing ^^

That’s a great effect, I really like it! The smoke does look a little bit realistic but I actually like the way it looks :smiley: If you want to make it more cartoony, maybe you can do some photoshop work on the texture to sharpen it a bit? Maybe some filters to make the shapes more angular?

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