Léo Magnez - VFX Sketchbook

Hi ! I’m a Game Design student from France and I started to dabble into VFX about a month ago !
I mostly followed tutorial & internet courses up until now but since the school year just started for me I decided to focus more on VFX for my graduation project.

Any feedback and critique is always welcome so I can improve :smile:

Here’s a slash effect I made in Unity with several color variations :

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Hello again ! I’ve been working on a turret laserbeam inpired by Harry Alisavakis’ Kamehameha !

It’s been a challenge since his effect uses HLSL, a language I’m not familiar with, so I had to figure out everything in Shadergraph but it was worth it, I learned a lot ! :smile:
As always, feedback and critique is always welcome ! :smile:

Hi ! Lately I’ve been thinking about making some effects based around playing cards. Here’s the first one : The Heart ! :smile: :heart:

This effect was inspired by the charm mechanic from League of Legends and Jhin’s traps when they’re activated. Although I think a charm AOE would be a bit too strong in a game like League :sweat_smile:

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Hi again ! Continuing on the cards-based effect, here’s the second one : The Diamond :smile: :diamonds:

This effect was much more difficult to make than the previous one, especially because I had to play around with the timing of so many elements (and because I suck at 3D animation) :sweat_smile: I’m sure there are still many things to tweak but I’m pretty happy with the result I got ! :smile:

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Hi ! Wow it’s been a while :sweat_smile: I’ve been busy working on my graduation project for the past few months and made a whole lot of effects ! I’ve been especially experimenting with Mist, as the player will have an arsenal of mist-related attacks at their disposal. So here are a few ones : some mist-imbued slashes and a “fury mode” the player will be able to unleash to unlock said mist-related attacks ! :smile:

I’ve learned a lot about the power of masks to be able to fake the mist being dynamic ! I’ve also never played around with Unity’s volumetric fog volume before so there’s that :laughing: I’ve also had a ton of fun working with Vertex Offset and learning its limitations ! So I hope you enjoy this little collection of effects :smile: :heart: