Learning VFX Unity question

So I’m currently trying to learn some VFX and I’m following along with one of Gabriel Aguiar’s tutorials on youtube and the trails in the video don’t have the sphere at the beginning, I am wondering what I’m missing to make them less noticeable.

The video I’m folllowing

What I’m seeing in Unity

Any help would be appreciated as to why the spheres are showing up at the start of the trails.

the particles are creating trails?

set the particle in renderer > render_mode > “none”
or just make the particle invisible with alpha in it’s start color

Set the render in the Renderer Module. And just something, trails are really expensive, be careful. Unity has a talk about that, GL.

Thanks for the help I’ll be sure to look into that, and I’ll try to find that talk as well

Enjoy <3


Thanks a lot, I’ll definitely watch when I have the time.

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