Learn Pyro in Houdini - tutorials

Can anyone recommend so tutorials for learning pyro in houdini?

best i’ve found is this silent youtube video for a previous version, making it difficult to keep track of how to follow.


well I’m sorry to tell you but from my experience with Houdini. Combining many different ‘not clear’ tutorials and read the documentation a lot about every each node.
Also check “ODFORCE” forum, they are Houdini focused. and also check the Houdini wiki.

check 3Dbuzz they have some free introduction videos.
or pay to get the best quality of tutorials (3dbuzz,digital tutors, cmiVFX, etc.)

Good luck and welcome aboard!

The best tutorial on the subject I’ve found, hands down, is Applied Dynamics in Houdini by Steven Knipping. It isn’t free, but I don’t regret a single cent spent on his tutorials.


cheers, looks like thats a good one, will try the first one and see how it goes :smiley:

I have started with many free tutorial on youtube but also later i have check Hellolux Houdini Trainings and there was quite nice, but also not free. But I think this is a very good start point, if you are starting completely new with Houdini.

But I´m also agree for more advanced stuff helps mostly reading the documentation,SideFX Forums and wiki.
Have fun with Houdini.

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I highly recommend Knipps tutorials

I don´t know this, have you a link to that, haven´t found anything with google like that. Thanks.

think he means this one, linked in a earlier message

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Peter Quint has a lot of Pyro videos on his vimeo/youtube channels. Most of them are a couple years old, but they go pretty deep in to what’s happening under the hood.

Yeah, PQ is awesome. Unfortunately, Pyro has changed quite drastically the last few versions so there’s a lot of things in his videos that don’t carry across anymore :confused: At least when it comes to shading.

Same with the video @Alcolepone posted. Once you get to scattering, you are lost as that workflow has been replaced by volume lights.