League of Legends Fan-Art VFX | By Shine

hi hello good morning !!!

I started to learn vfx because I wanted to create something as beautiful as League of Legends effects. This game is very important for me ( ◡‿◡ ):heart:

I tryed to create league fan-art vfx a year or two ago, but I didn’t have knowledge and skills. I still have a lot to learn, but now I’m happy with the result. I want to show my first good enough fan-art!

Also I’m very happy with the aesthetic, pink glows and yellow stars ( ´ ^ ` ).。o♡
Expect more of this in the future~


Also feel free to leave comments!! Feedback is really appreciated and if you have questions I’ll be happy to help you!

After finish I made some edits in photoshop for myself trying to solve tone problems. Still not perfect, but better. Contrast is important! Too late to fix vfx itself, just for practice :3