Launch Competition: Winners!

It’s been exactly one month since this online community has launched, and we’ve recently crossed 500 registered users, so we want to take a quick moment to thank all of you for participating- we’ve been blown away by the quality and range of discussions happening here across different skills, styles, and experiences. Companies, large to small, and other disciplines are all noticing the great community we’re growing too!

I’m loving it, and I hope all of you are too! As always, please let me us know if there’s more we can do to make this useful, and help us spread the word!

It’s time for the round up and winner announcement for our launch competition!

The 5 Topics with the most likes (to the original post), posted between 12:01 am (Pst) September 10th and October 4th will be rewarded with riches, fame, and your very own shiny, extremely rare, Competition Winners Badge






I’ll be reaching out to each of you shortly for the email address to send the prizes over to. Congratulations! :fireworks:


congratulations to the winners :fireworks:

Congrats to the winners, I wasn’t expecting to be one! Thanks a lot @Keith and everyone that participated!

Congrats to the winners, and props for adding some solid value to the community!

Wow, that’s amazing and very humbling. I absolutely cannot take any personal credit for the contents of the breakdown - I was merely sharing the awesomeness of the team I work with.

Keith could you roll the prize over or share it out between the other winners perhaps? Unless the prize is the badge; in which case I’m totally keeping it to myself :smile:


I was thinking about this myself too, since I’m just sharing other people’s work. How flexible is the prize? Could it be turned into a donation?

I love that you guys are sensitive to this, and as it’s being highlighted now, it’s clearly something we should have worked out more appropriately at the onset of this slightly ill-conceived type of contest. We recognize now that it does put all of you in an unfortunate situation of receiving something for aggregating, not creating.

We had viewed this contest with the sole goal of rewarding people for adding to our archive of useful and inspiring resources. By that measure, the act of participating by sharing these subjects, links, videos, and references with all of the community is what you’ve earned the prizes for. None of this is implying that you are, nor in any way attempting to discredit, the original creators of the source content that you’ve contributed to our archives.

I tremendously respect people who give credit where it’s due, and always want to encourage it, but I assure you both that you’ve earned the prizes by every measure that we were going for. I’ll start up a private email thread with each of you and see if we can find a way to reward everyone :slight_smile:

This is a great highlighted lesson for us to learn. Fortunately, our future competitions are all intended to revolve around art challenges, but this is a very important note for us to take into the future.