Late Haloween

A small diorama I made for Haloween!

Feedback appreciated as im building a portfolio!!


Great start and nice that you built a scene around your effect, makes it really easy to interpret where the effect comes from. As for feedback I’d add some more movement to your orbiting wisps, animate the trails they have and add a little bit of variety, offset and UV distortion to each instance.

Furthermore maybe some motes or dust,motes/little sparks coming from the skull and some smoke/aura enemating from the skull would make it feel more ethereal

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Looking cool @CarlosC! I like the overal feel you’re getting with this. Colors are feeling nice and ghostly, and I think the rays and swirly spirits are great additions to this.

My main thing I would say that I notice is that the swirly spirits don’t follow their curvature. What I mean by that is, red arrow is where I would assume this spirit to be headed, but green arrow is where it actually travels:


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Thankyou for the feedback!! i see what you mean and il try to find some time to implement it into the effect!!

Thanks!!! greately appreciate the feedback!