Laser beam Vfx contest

Hi everyone!

My Name is Henri I am VFX student at the Academy of art university and interning at Nway since a while now.

Will be posting my things very soon

This is my first WIP!
A lot of work to do left and very little time, let’s see how far I can go with this one!

I have an issue with white lines on the Side and I believe that they are due to resizing of the particle,
will fix it for the second WIP with the impact effect :slight_smile:

If you guys have time let me know what you think so far.



The white lines are probably a result of a texture repeat mode set to “repeat”. Try setting it to “clamp” instead :slight_smile:

Effect could benefit from scaling up the power summoning over the duration of the charge.
Initial release of the beam could also use more power and blast

good luck :slight_smile:

thank you for your feedback !

I added more color to the overall effect and also make it more powerful.
The issue was due to a wrong scaling in photoshop since the beam was a subuv I rescale it down for optimization purpose but it wasn’t a multiple of 2 so it gave me those weird edges.

there is my second WIP(don’t worry the weird red shape behind, its a place holder for my almost ready shader :slight_smile:
Only 2 days left and a bunch to do!


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