Large scale aerial 3d environment

I’m working on a short film project which involves jet fighters and terrains.
Which software should I use for creating realistic aerial scenes (6-9kms above surface) ?
The scenes will have volumetric clouds and inworld light scattering, fog, haze, and a sunrise (as scene from high altitudes).
What software can give me the most realistic results desirable ?
I have been playing around with vue for about a week now and been able to get some good results but something surely seems off and I haven’t been able to pin point or go further from here.
I will attach a render for you guys to give me some pointers.
I am using 3ds max + substance painter + vray as my primary software for modelling/texturing/rig& animation.

Depends. This forum is focused exclusively on effects running in real time, like AR, VR and games. If you’re working in something like Unreal or Unity, we’d be able to give you feedback, but if you are rending all this in a 3d package to just render and play as a video, there are other places that would be more appropriate and more helpful to post your question.

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Ah ! my bad then.
Thanks for your reply though.

No worries, the name of the site can be a bit misleading sometimes. We’ve definitely had other posts asking about film-style vfx and motion graphics before