Labs Texture Flipbook problem

Hi everyone!

I´m testing the workflow between Houdini- Unreal and I´m stuck with a problem with the labs node for flipbook textures.

The problem is that sometimes doesn´t export anything at all and when It does the texture is not good, but in the Mplay the texture looks ok. Well, sometimes gives me a bad result but in some cases doesn´t give anything, I will put some screenshot at the end.

One thing to say is when first try the node I press the bottom set the ocio set up, so I thought maybe is the problem. I tried to change the versión from the last one to 19.0.720 and here the smoke flipbooks are good, but the fire/explosion looks the same.

I appreciate any kind of help here.

Have a nice day!



Hi. I would start by using the ACES color space; that might fix the issue.

I have set up the ACES color space and work´s better it´s seems, but I can´t export the flame itself, I only get the render with some smoke in it. And don´t know if that is the way the node work´s but and least I have something. Ty Ken for your response.

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